How does Emoti-OS work?

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User can interact with Emoti-OS through two interfaces.

The first is a physical installation in the school atrium at Plymouth School of Creative Arts (UK). Here pupils can select an emoji button which represent one of the seven system emoji’s (joy, sadness, excitement, fear, confusion, anger and disgust) they most relate to.

The second is the online chatbot here at, where users also can select a representative emoji of how they feel, but which also engage users in a deeper conversation. Pupils in the school can also pose questions to their peers through Emoti-OS.

Emoti-OS is designed to respond to users conversationally like a human. So, when you send Emoti-OS a text response, it processes this and generates a conversational response back to you. Emoti-OS’s response may be in the form of text or image.

The information (chat) provided is aggregate to identify the mood of the individuals interacting with the Chatbot. This is done by analysing the tone of the aggregated conversations being had with the chatbot using the IBM Watson™ Tone Analyzer service.

Emoti-OS is a prototype and therefor sometimes also gets installed and tested in other places.

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