What is Emoti-OS?

October 22, 2017 9:42 pm Published by

Emoti-OS is a speculative chatbot, (a computer program that mimics conversation with people using artificial intelligence), with a visual and emotionally driven character. It uses conversations with its users to understand the collective mood of pupils at Plymouth School of Creative Arts (UK). It is created for and with these pupils to give students a voice and a way to express how they collectively feel about important matters at the school. It explores if awareness and empathy can be nurtured through such conversations, claiming these technologies for artistic production rather than commercial exploitation.

Emoti-OS has been created by the i-DAT Collective with pupils and staff at Plymouth School of Creative Arts, Intercity and Controlled Frenzy.

The project is funded through Plymouth City Council’s DATA Play initiative, i-DAT with Plymouth University, Plymouth School of Creative Arts and Intercity.

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